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Q. Why is Shapestream different than TiVo?

A: TiVo is not available in Canada. There are HOW-TOs on hacking a TiVo to work in Canada, but after reading the how-to, you will agree it simply is not worth the trouble. Shapestream works, now without hacking.

Q. Why is Shapestream different than Rogers PVR or Bell ExpressVu PVR?

A. Many have complained about the poor user experience that both the Rogers and Bell units provide. Furthermore they simply perform basic PVR functions and nothing more than that. Shapestream performs as a PVR, a stereo system for MP3s, a picture album, a weather station and a customizable media network to transform every PC and TV in your business or home into a media access point. You don't need a separate system for each TV like you would with other PVR systems. And there are no monthly fees!

Q. What type of TV services are supported by Shapestream?

A. Any over the air antenna setup, HDTV over the air or a digital settop box (Cable or Satellite) that has video and audio output (RCA out or S-Video) is supported. The system is not specific to any signal feed provider.

Q. Can Shapestream be hooked up to my home/business network?

A. Yes! This is one of the biggest features of the system. It is a media server that can integrate with your other computers that have pictures, music and video on them as well as with any other TV screen. Shapestream acts as a media aggregation point to allow you to access your media from anywhere in your business or home.

Q. Why are extra TV or PCs so cheap?

A. Shapestream uses an inexpensive network media adapter that connects to your local area network (LAN) and taps into the Shapestream server. All of the media collected on the server is available instantly on any other TV screen. You can watch a prerecorded show on one TV and watch another show on a PC, and watch yet another pre-recorded show on another TV. Try that with a standard PVR!

Q. Can I install this in a fitness club, condo or another establishment that has lots of TVs?

A. This system is perfect for an exercise club that has several TV sets around the club. Every member can have the experience of watching a personalised club TV station and radio station. Once a club or condo sets up their favorite recordings, everyone can enjoy their show when they come to relax or work out. Please contact us for more details about this exciting way to create buzz and even create a new advertising revenue stream for your business.

Q. Why is my screen somewhat fuzzy when I play videos or navigate through a web browser?

A. The answer may lie in your television, not Shapestream. Since Shapestream outputs a digital signal, software and hardware in the Shapestream needs to convert the signal to an analog one for your TV (ie S-Video is analog.). On the other hand the quality of a digital signal that comes out of the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or RGB port from Shapestream can connect to a digital-in signal in most modern flat screen TVs of any size . Look for the following ports on the back of your new TV if you plan to buy one in the future. We recommend LCD, Plasma and DLP TV sets that have digital inputs (RGB, DVI or HDMI). RGB analog vga port DVI digital video port

Q. Is there a recurring fee for Shapestream?

A. Check the pricing page for services. If you require support then there is a support contract available.

Q. Is there an API to write extensions for Shapestream?

A. There is an API to extend the system, but at this time it is unsupported.

Q. Can I make DVDs with Shapestream? Can I download DivX movies and watch them?

A. Of course. The Shapestream server is a high performance computer system as well as a video recorder. You can watch and burn DVDs with Shapestream as it comes prepackaged with a DVD burner. The DVD burner must only be used to archive recorded video or content for backup purposes. You can also dowload videos off online video stores like iTunes and watch them from the Shapestream library in full screen glory. Your TV viewing habits will never be the same.

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