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Alex Sirota

Alex Sirota started the organization based on the speculation that the future of media depends on how it is published, distributed and consumed. There is constant change in to media publication, distribution and consumption in a networked, digital age. What was once a somewhat elite, monopolistic field is now being democratized.

1. Anyone can publish, for next to nothing.

2. Distribution channels are becoming much more numerous than even the 500 channel cable "future".

3. Consumption -- and this is where it gets interesting -- is now occuring on all types of devices, with all sorts of meta-data attached being delivered in non-standard ways.

Advertising has not really caught up although it is trying. Content creators still feel they hold the keys to the castle. Computer hardware and software is continually being commoditized. It ought to be possible for a home or a business to create its own TV or radio station. This is the vision of Shapestream.

What People are Saying...

“It's like when you first got your Internet connection or high-speed Internet — once you switch, you can never go back.  I only had a one-hour sample of Shapestream at your place, but already I'm having trouble going back to regular cable.”

“Now that I've seen it in action, I just can't enjoy regular TV anymore-- I'm so annoyed that I can't pause and rewind!”

“… it’s uber-cool.”

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